Diary of a Backwoods Preacher
Preacher's log, far date, 1914
100 years ago!!
TODAY, MAY 13, 20113
Oscar was known to pray long prayers and today was no exception. (This tale is told by Oscar's wife
The custom in those days was to kneel at the pulpit as one prayed. This day was no different.
"Albert, my 4-year-old son, kept squirming and squirming and Oscar kept praying and praying." "As
Albert squirmed and Oscar prayed, I sat him on the floor between my legs to try to calm him." "As  was
the custom, the audience stood and the "prayer" knelt." "I began to lose my grip on the squirming kid,
and he began to win the battle." "He soon slipped free and dashed up the aisle, lickety-split! In a flash
he reached Oscar and mounted him, just as he had done hundreds of times before.. to play horsey."
"He flapped his dad on the ear with his cap, gouged his shoes into his sides and yelled GIDDY UP!"
Oscar tried unsuccessfully to finish his prayer. By this time the entire congregation was rolling in the
aisles with laughter. Oscar blamed me for his embarrassment. He brought Albert back and said, "Here,
can't you hold this kid!"

"News spread quickly throughout the community about the entertainment and the next Sunday the
church was packed with people hoping to get a repeat performance. Ever after my Grandfather,
prayed with one eye open.... Just in case."
The  following stories are transcribed by Oscar's  Grandson
Copyright March 10, 2002  by Albert Henderson Updated Feb 25, 2014