My Granddad, Oscar Henderson, was a "BACKWOODS PREACHER" for more than 60 years. He
was about 19 when he began  preaching near Holly Springs, Mississippi. He often traveled the
country-side preaching the gospel and saving souls. All of his travels were done as he said, "With my
two Hosses! My left and right foot." Granddad moved to Texas in 1908 and was a Church of Christ
Gospel preacher all of his life. It was said and confirmed by my Grandmother, Grace Roberts
Henderson, that Oscar would mesmerize audiences by having them quote a scripture either from the
Old or New Testament. He then would quote the scripture before and after the verse they gave.
Granddad is listed in the "Preachers that Blazed the Trail" book published in the 1960's. My Granddad
went to meet the Lord in 1970, but his stories are as alive today as they were then. All of these stories
are told by Granddad as "the gospel truth"
Shown as listed in GOSPEL PREACHERS WHO BLAZED THE TRAIL first compiled by
C.R. Nichol in 1911, and published in album form                                                
Republished by Firm Foundation Publishing House in the 1960's
Preachers that Blazed the Trail