Happy 58th  Birthday Epsilon Chi
February 11, 1961-February 11, 2019
By Brother Don Henderson Epsilon Chi 1962
Brothers of Epsilon Chi of Sigma Chi    Reunion Poem Revisited   
I thought it might be good to look back at some of the things we have enjoyed
as Sigs over the years. I must express to you that I am a sucker for nostalgia
and things of the past. I am a long-time collector of memorabilia and what
many would consider junk. I suppose it began with being raised by
Grandparents who survived the depression. They saved everything and so did
my Great Grandmother, as well as my Mother. I now have all of the junk that
I saved, plus what they saved. The good news is, I kept some of our Sigma Chi
history, which I want to share.

If you can put your brain around it, brothers; its been 57 years since we
became Charter members of Epsilon Chi. As the old saying goes, times flies
when you are having fun. (Sometimes I wish I were not having so much fun!!)
If we reminisce a little, much of what we once knew is gone, along with many
of our dear brothers and loved ones. Do you remember where we were
initiated? The
Shamrock Hilton now no longer exists. The Adams Petroleum
building that we celebrated in after our initiation, no longer exists. Epsilon Chi
chapter that we built at Lamar, no longer exists. Of course the old shacks that
we met on campus in, no longer exist. I was not privileged to ever see the
housing that Epsilon Chi had at Lamar, but I understand they no longer exist.
Many of you went to Thomas Jefferson in Port Arthur and it no longer exists.
I could go on, but you get the idea. Much of our history is now just that,
history, but the one thing that still exists is our brotherhood and the memories
that we all share.

Another Gone....My first year at Lamar was in 1958 and one of my
memories is the death of
The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly and Richey Vallens.
Just did some research and found some information about Did Ya'll know he
graduated from Beaumont High and attended Lamar?
The Big Bopper.